|Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Hidden dangers for your kitten 

Kittens are inquisitive and will investigate any small, dark places they can crawl into.

Should your kitten go missing for any length of time, you should look in cupboards, wardrobes, outdoor sheds etc in case your kitten has accidentally been shut in or got stuck.

Keep the washing machine and tumble dryer door closed when not in use and check them before putting any clothes in. Remove any plants that may be poisonous, including dieffenbachia (dumb cane), poinsettia, lily of the valley, Christmas cherry, castor oil plant, avocado plant, rubber plant and ivy.

Most cats will not touch such plants but kittens may be more inquisitive. If you live in a flat above ground level or have a house with several levels, keep the windows closed or invest in screens to ensure that kittens do not fall out.

Cats love to climb, but they can also fall. Falls from balconies are common and can cause horrific injuries that can be fatal. Prevent falls by making balconies and windows safe with wire mesh.

Keep garden chemicals stored safely and take care if using slug bait or chemicals on the garden itself – some types can be toxic to animals.