|Monday, September 28, 2020
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Bank robber travelled to his targets by bus 

A bank robber’s 35-year reign came to an end when he was arrested in bed in a Spanish hotel room.

The 66-year-old pen-sioner is believed to have carried out at least nine raids in just one month in different parts of the country, including Madrid, Toledo and Alicante.

He woud usually ca-sually stroll into a bank, wearing no disguise or mask, and ask the teller to hand over cash. When they queried his request, he pulled out a handgun and threatened to shoot them. He also went to his targets by bus and stayed overnight in hotels.

The sexagenarian was eventually caught in Getafe as he slept in a hotel room, with his loaded gun by the side of his bed.

“He always acted alone in the bank raids, bare-faced and adopting a calm attitude,” said a police spokesman.

The pensioner had earlier escaped from prison in Madrid as he failed to return after being let out on licence.

He then carried out nine robberies in less than 30 days, using the same method on each occasion.

Police revealed that he had been committing bank robberies for 35 years and had managed to escape justice because he left no clues as to his identity.

Despite his cool appearance, the bank robber was considered extremely dangerous as on a previous occasion, he had opened fire on the police.