|Friday, February 26, 2021
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Animal welfare party PACMA puts forward eight demands 

Spain’s animal welfare party PACMA is calling on the new government “to commit to social policies and climate change and to understand animal abuse as a priority.”

They are urging adoption of eight key principles, saying: “During these six years of Popular Party government, social policies have been left aside, the seriousness of climate change has been ignored and the demands of a society increasingly sensitised to the treatment we give to animals have been completely ignored.”

“We hope that this new government has the will to change this dynamic and, contrary to what happened in previous legislatures, is willing to carry out legislative changes also for animals.”

The eight points being pressed for are:

*Processing of the General Law of Welfare and Protection of Animals, which the Animalist Party presented at the Congress of Deputies a year ago, and which proposes the prohi-bition of bullfighting, circuses with animals and slaughter in kennels.

*Implementation of a plan that marks the closure calendar of thermal power plants with a just transition for the industry and its workers; as well as a boost to the renewable energy sector.

*End of the granting of new licenses to macrogranjas, saying: “While the countries of northern Europe close their farms to environmental problems, Spain increases the number of warehouses of this type. The effects on the environment are incalculable and in all cases suppose an absolute hell for the animals.”

*Immediate repeal of the sun tax, which penalizes self-consumption generated with renewable energy and is contrary to democracy and energy efficiency.

*Shield of pensions in the Constitution, so that no present or future government can touch, cut or privatise the public pension system.

*Reform of Royal Decree-law 16/2012, of April 20, which left thousands of undocu-mented immigrants out of the National Health System. PACMA says: “We defend that health remains universal, public and free.”

*Reform of the Electoral Law, an essential and urgent measure to guarantee that the representation chambers guarantee the plurality of society. “Currently, political parties such as PACMA remain outside the institutions, despite having many more votes than some of the parties re-presented. It is urgent that an electoral reform be launched,” they say.

Social pact for the equal pay of men and women to achieve a society where women and men are equal in terms of rights. “It is essential to work to combat wage discrimination still existing, to promote equal oppor-tunities for promotion of work between both genders and to promote the presence of women in positions of responsibility,” says PACMA.