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Thousands of reasons to spay 

One female cat can produce an average of 12 kittens a year and if those kittens are not spayed/castrated then in only six years there will be a staggering 40,000 extra cats!

Letting your cat have kittens may seem like a fun thing to do. Some believe it’s healthier for the cat. Neither is true. Having a litter of kittens in no way alters the maturity level of the cat, either physically or mentally. In most cases it’s hard to find good homes for all the kittens, even if they are advertised “Free to a Good Home.” Difficult labour, kitten mortality, and potential health problems in the mother can take all the fun out of the experience. Most people end up wishing that they had never allowed their female to have a litter.

In addition, mammary cancer is the third most common cancer in cats. Cats who have been spayed have a 40-60% lower risk, plus unspayed cats can develop severe uterine diseases. Undetected, this condition is almost always fatal.

There are many reasons to spay your female cat. Not only does it eliminate many medical and behavioural problems. It probably adds years to their lives or at least provides them with a more comfortable, less stressful life. Cats Welfare can secure inexpensive spaying for your cat contact us for details.


Blister and his owners, Theresa and Richard are taking on a mammoth challenge of walking the Camino de Santiago via the Portuguese Way and would like to raise as much money as possible for Cats Welfare Tenerife by doing this sponsored hike.

The walk starts in Tui Portugal and finishes at the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. A distance of at least 116 km.

Blister is hoping to complete this challenge over six days and is training very hard so he can finish with a spring in his step!

Would you like to support and encourage Blister and his companions by sponsoring them?

http://www.cats-welfare-tenerife.com/camino-de-santiago. There is a sponsorship form in the Cats Welfare shop at San Blas, Golf de Sur too.

BLISTER IS GOING TO NEED PLENTY OF SUPPORT! (Theresa and Richard too!) Let’s raise as much money as possible. Thank you.

Private Adoption

Katzuya is a male, around three years old, already a neutered boy who has tested POSITIVE for Feline Leukaemia. He is beautiful,  adorable and fine with other animals but needs to be an indoor cat.