|Friday, October 30, 2020
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Shock in San Isidro as trio arrested for terrorism links 

There were dramatic and unexpected scenes in the relatively quiet town of San Isidro when hooded police swooped to arrest three men on suspicion of terrorism connections.

All are of Moroccan na-tionality, aged 27, 35 and 37, and are suspected of alleged crimes of recruitment, cover-up and financing of terrorism.

The detainees are said to be responsible for capturing and favouring the displace-ment of a “foreign fighter”, a Moroccan of 35 years, who began his process of ra-dicalisation as a result of moving his home to the municipality in which his captors resided and to begin a relationship of friendship with them.

“The capture took place in a kiosk that was run by the three detainees in the locality of San Isidro in Tenerife and in the local mosque, where they had a leading role to act as magnets and custodians of the same,” said a police spokes-man.

“Those arrested introduced the displaced into Salafist rigour, a process that cul-minated in his conviction and decision to travel to Syria to join the ranks of fighters of the terrorist organisation Al Nusra. In this transit, the man has completely changed his appearance with a radical aesthetic and even with a mark on his forehead called “zabiba”, which is produced by resting his forehead on the prayer mat continuously.”

The trio are said to have sent money to the man who lost his left hand in combat and badly injured one of his ankles, meaning he had to leave the combat zone. At one stage, he came back to Tenerife, left again and was finally arrested in Budapest and expelled to Morocco but his whereabouts are now unknown.

The raids in San Isidro were launched on the phone booth shop, mosque and a house and roads were cut off for some time. Police carried away boxes of documents.

Local residents have been voicing their surprise and say they had not realised anything suspicious had been going on at the mosque or in the town.