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Record turnout for La Laguna Half Marathon 

Aroa Merino and Saúl Castro won the XIX La La-guna Half Marathon held through the streets of the historical quarter of the city.

Agoney Diaz and Amada de Jesús achieved the first position in 10km and Susana Prieto and Aday Salas achieved victory in the 5km.

The test, organised by the Autonomous Sports Organi-sation (OAD), was blssed with sunshine in the midst of cooler weather. In the streets there was a very friendly atmosphere with hundreds of people and entire families encouraging the runners.

Sports councillor, Agustín Hernández sounded the starting gun for the 1,500 runners, an absolute record of participants this year. Sr. Hernández stressed “the good climate and atmosphere that was breathed in La Laguna” and was “satisfied with the great reception the race has this year by the athletes.”

In the 21 kilometres, the fastest runner was Aroa Merino (01:15:15), ahead of Laura Van Den Beucken (01:24:04) and Sonia Prieto (01:27:54). In the male category, Saúl Castro won (01:08:43), ahead of Jonay González (01:09:15) and Ayoze Pérez (01:12:32).

Saúl, who participated for the first time in the test, said: “It was quite hard because the best of the Canary Islands and Tenerife competed.” He also highlighted the good organisation and the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Aroa Merino, also the winner last year in the distance of 21km, stressed how “nice it is to run each year on the La Laguuna streets, which encourage you to participate year after year in this competition.”

Athlete Agoney Diaz, with a 32:43 record, was the fastest in the 10km circuit, followed by Fabián Cabrera (34:32) and Ayoze Infante (34:50). In the women’s category, victory came to Amada de Jesús (40.17), overtaking Yurena Domínguez (42:27) and Margarita Méndez (42:35).

In 5 kilometres, the fastest was athlete Susana Prieto, with a record of 19.46, followed by Ana Uceda (21.06) and Leticia Martín (21.06). In the men’s category the victory went to Aday Salas (16.05), overtaking Hugo Rodríguez (16.10) and Jairo Paule (16.18).

The awards ceremony was attended by Agustín Hernández, Francisco Calvo and Ana Rodríguez, representatives of Volkswagen Canarias, Antonio Pereira on behalf of Physiorelax, and Héctor Hernández, representative of Cajamar, sponsors of the race.

The Autonomous Sports Association also distinguished two runners who completed the 5km wheelchair race.

The Ciudad La Laguna Night Race was sponsored by Sport Zone, Volkswagen Canarias, Nine, Coca-Cola, Fred Olsen, DeLaLaguna and Cajamar, with the collaboration of Sanitas and Phisiorelax.