|Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Environment is no laughing matter for Santa Cruz 

Santa Cruz is using an unusual approach to encourage young children to love their city and help look after it.

The council has devised a comic aimed at the child population of the capital in a bid to raise awareness about values and good habits.

The Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez said the publication will help them “to love Santa Cruz, taking care of it and respecting it, since its objective is to promote the good habits of the residents in the care of the urban environment. We have detected the relaxation in compliance with some municipal ordinances and, for this reason, we will continue to insist on this type of initiative to raise awareness among children, especially at younger ages, and we will also continue imposing administrative sanctions on those who insist on behaving in an uncivic way.”

The comic ‘Environmental Patrol’ will be distributed in schools in the capital and includes a QR code that redirects the reader to a file with an audible version.