|Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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El Fraile plaza to be brought into the 21st century 

Arona has pledged to improve the public spaces of El Fraile after hailing the town as a “benchmark for co-existence”.

One of the first projects will be the transformation of the Plaza de la Iglesia to improve its aesthetics, accessibility and security, an action that is part of the #AronaAvanza programme, promoted by the Mayor, José Julián Mena.

Plans are also being drawn up to improve the municipal soccer field Dionisio González.

The new-look for the plaza is expected to get underway within the next few months and will address issues which do not comply with current regulations on accessibility. An access ramp will therefore be extended, new railings put in, tree holes filled and new trees planted.

The maximum budget of this work is just over 429,797 euros with a deadline of no more than four months.

José Julián Mena explained that “El Fraile has an important need to adapt and improve the public spaces that citizens use, according to the demands that our residents have made, which is why it has been included in the various municipal plans.”

“El Fraile is a national benchmark for coexistence, where people of the most varied nationalities and beliefs live, which is an asset for the municipality, a place that needs to have high-quality meeting spaces.”