|Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Hundreds of counterfeit products made in Los Cristianos workshop 

A complaint by a resident over suspicious behaviour linked to a garage in Los Cristianos has led to the discovery of a counterfeiting workshop.

Police decided to inves-tigate after a concerned neigh-bour reported noise and traffic in the area and thought it could be linked to an illegal activity.

The suspicions proved correct. Officers caught an Indian man red-handed as he put counterfeit logos on numerous garments

The workshop, they said, was dedicated to the forgery of clothing and accessories of prestigious firms. The 41-year-old man was in the storage room where the illegal activity was taking place.

The business allegedly consisted of buying shirts of different colours at low prices and then printing them with templates with the logos of different well-known firms.

Residents of Los Sauces noticed some sort of industrial activity in the garage, with a considerable movement of people and the loading and unloading of merchandise. One of them made a complaint to the Service of Attention to the Citizen (SAC).

During the raid, police found a significant number of boxes with sweatshirts, shirts, sunglasses and caps.

In addition, they found a screen printing machine and two templates with logos of supposedly counterfeit bran-ds.

It is believed the workshop was supplying various commercial establishments, even though the man arrested denied this and said they were for his own shop.

In all, there were 91 sweatshirts of the brands Adidas, Monster, Hugo Boss, Nike, Armani, Vans, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s and Calvin Klein. The haul also included 36 polo shirts from the Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger brands, as well as 78 caps from Armani, Nike, Hugo Boss and Adidas.

In addition, there were 494 counterfeit T-shirts and 2,020 glasses with falsified logos.

The workshop was situated in a residential complex located on the island road between Guaza and Los Cristianos (TF-655).