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Fines you can incur without moving your car 

Whilst you are likely to know about the different types of fines you can incur whilst driving, there are many that you may not realize you can incur without even moving or being in your car?

The most common fines whilst driving are those for speeding and using a mobile phone whilst driving. However, there are a multitude of fines that can be imposed without even moving your car.

Firstly, and probably one of the most important, putting many myths to bed on this one, is that you can receive a fine for not having your insurance up to date. The fine is between 600 to 3.000 euros and includes potentially that the vehicle could be towed by the police to their compound. The most common reason for a fine for no insurance is the age-old reasoning of “I’m not here to use the car so it is parked in my garage, so I don’t need to insure it”. This, sadly is a myth that many spread, sometimes unwittingly, is illegal in Spain any car has to be have a minimum of Third Party insurance as the car could have an accident when stationary.

You can also be fined for not having a current ITV, the fine for this ranges from 200 to 500 euros. If you have taken the car for an ITV and it has failed then the vehicles owner has two months to carry out any repairs and then re-test the vehicle, at an authorized Industrial Garage or workshop. If this isn’t carried out then the vehicle will be put into “baja”, and of course this it means that the vehicle cannot be driven at all during this time.

If you move address and fail to inform Tráfico within 15 days of the address change then again you could incur an 80 euro fine. Also washing and/or cleaning your car on the public highway can incur a fine of anywhere between 30 to 3.000 euros as it is considered to be degrading a public area, and oil residue may go into the public drains.

Another fine that you could incur without moving the car is for having a dirty number plate. There are two types of fine that can be applied, one that is just classified as serious and the other very serious. The serious offense would be if the number plate is bent, broken, not fitted, deteriorated, dirty, etc. then the fine would be of 200 euro and no points deduction. The other more extreme case is, if the number plate has been manipulated to make reading it more difficult. This would then become a very serious offense and would incur a 6.000 euro fine and in some situations imply a loss of six points from the driver /owner’s license.

Another three simple examples of ways that a fine can be incurred to a stationary car would be, parking on a beach, filling up at a petrol station with the vehicles lights on (very bizzare!) or the engine running, in which case a fine of 200 euro would apply and the loss of three points on the driver’s license. You can also be fined for repairing your car on the side of the road, and by this it means a public highway not a private parking lot. This does not however apply to the changing of a wheel in the event of a puncture, although you should always try to make sure that the vehicle is in a safe place when doing this.