|Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Success for La Laguna Night Race and no rain either! 

Francisco Cabrera Galindo and Laura Van Den Beucken in the ten kilometres and Vicente Hernández Cabrera and Susana Prieto Bergua in the five kilometres won the VIII Night Race Ciudad de La Laguna held through the streets of the historic town of Aguere.

The night was cold, but without rain, despite the pre-storm weather forecasts, which did not prevent hundreds of people from flocking into the Plaza del Adelantado to enjoy the start of the race.

Councillor for sports, Agustin Hernandez started the 1,800 registered people, an absolute record of participants this year. He stressed that this year there was an added incentive to be integrated into the 1st Race Circuit World Heritage Cities and was “satisfied because the rain has respected the test and has been developed without any incident.”

In the ten kilometres, the fastest was Francisco Cabrera (32.11), ahead of Hector Afonso Gonzalez (34.40) and Joyce Medina (34.53). In the women’s category, Laura Van Den Beucken won (37.15), ahead of Sirley Díaz (42.28) and Carlota González (43.03).

The athlete Susana Prieto, with a mark of 19.50, was the fastest in the 5-kilometre circuit, followed by Wendy Acosta (21.22) and Leticia Martín (21.25). In the men’s category, victory went to the Olympic triathlete, Vicente Hernández (15.09), beating Aday Salas (16.31) and Gregorio García (16.43).

The awards ceremony was attended by Agustín Her-nández, the town councillor of fiestas, education and youth, Atteneri Falero, and representatives of Volkswagen, Cajamar and Sanitas, sponsors of the race.

Upon winning first place, Susana Prieto expressed her joy and satisfaction for “running in La Laguna” and that for this season her objectives are focused on the cross-country Championship of Spain. For his part, Francisco Cabrera Galindo highlighted the good organisation and his intention to return to the city on April 29th to contest the Half Marathon.

“My goal was to try to make a good mark, taking advan-tage of the fact that it is an approved circuit,” he said.

Laura Van Den Beucken, participating for the second time in this test, said: “I like to run here. This year I have gone at my pace although you always want to give your best. ” Her intention is also to return on the occasion of the Half Marathon.

The triathlete Vicente Hernández, who competed for the first time in the night, and who has won the San Silvestre several times, with a similar distance, said that “it is very enjoyable. I’m from here and you enjoy it more when you feel everything is yours. “

The City of La Laguna Night Race was sponsored by Sport Zone, Volkswagen Canarias, Disa, Coca Cola, Fred Olsen, DeLaLaguna and Cajamar and had the collaboration of Sanitas and Phisiorelax.