|Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Graffiti welcomed as health centre gets cheered up 

Graffiti has been daubed across a health centre wall in Santa Cruz and the city council is delighted.

The work was done with the full permission of the authority which wanted to brighten up the area.

The work at La Salle district health office has been executed and coordinated by the artist Matías Mata, with the collaboration of six colleagues.

Councillor for the area, Yolanda Moliné said the graffiti had been created on an approximate area of 200 square metres and had given it a completely new look.

The mural has a mixture of styles; letters, which is the origin of graffiti and the most urban part mixed with the design; a lot of colour and the realism of the portraits, a representation of the people who, daily, use this public space so that they feel it is theirs.

Matías Mata said they had asked for the help of the six artists from the “old school” of urban art of Tenerife, since the aforementioned wall is a historical place in the world of urban art on the island. Three of them are from the district of La Salud.

“It is a way, both to promote this cultural and youth movement, and to beautify and promote respect for the public spaces of the environment,” she said.