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Countdown begins to sixth edition of Triabona Spirit 

The scene has been set for the sixth edition of the Triabona Spirit, to be run over two distances of five and ten kilometres.

The square of the church of San Antonio de Padua in Granadilla was the setting for the unveiling of the 2018 poster and new commemorative shirt for the event on Saturday, June 2nd.

The previous five editions have generated a large number of runners, both local and from outside the island.

The event was attended by the Mayor, José Domingo Regalado; the first deputy Mayor, Marcos González; councillor for sports, Sara Cano; the president of C.D. Spirit, Triabona Alexander Pérez; the president of the Canary Foundation “Carrera por la Vida” Brigitte Gypen, accompanied by Herminia Tacoronte, and the president of Cáritas de Granadilla, Clara Delgado, among others.

The test is all set for further success, with two modalities of five and ten kilometres and, as always, it is open to the participation of any federated person or not. A massive participation is expected, both of runners (around the 500 registered) and of members of the public who traditionally line the streets encouraging the athletes. The army of volunteers is also key to ensuring that everything goes as planned.

 Alexander Pérez, president of Triabona, says the poster aims to inspire a message of equality and women’s rights. He also says that there will be many surprises and that the club will put a lot of love and effort to ensure a great test.

Brigitte Gypensaid the Canary Foundation of Walk for Life thanked the organisers of the event for choosing the cause as recipient of part of the donations that will be co-llected.

“The aid is essential so that we can continue to fight for our cause and for cancer re-search,” she said.

Those interested can register at www.triabona.com and www.laespiritutriabona.com, as well as in person at the Base Sports Health stores of Los Cristianos, Las Chafiras, Puerto de la Cruz and Barrio de La Salud with a cost of 10 euros for the five-kilometre mode and 15 euros for the ten-kilometre mode.

The registration deadline will be Monday, May 28 for the 5 and 10 km races (over fourteen years) and June 1 for the “Los Pequeños Solidarios” child-ren’s races (between three and fourteen years). The lower categories of juvenile, cadet, infant, alevín, benjamín, pre-benjamín and smurfs, will only pay 2 euros, which will go this year to the Canarian Foundation ‘Carrera por La Vida’, apart from the kilo of non-perishable food to deliver the same day of the test, which will be delivered to Cáritas de Grana-dilla de Abona.

The route of La Espíritu Tria-bona is characterized by being a very flat and fast track, and since 2015 it is one of the few Canarian circuits approved by the RFEA in the distance of 10 km. In the absence of official confirmation, the edition po-pular of the 5 km will have scheduled its departure from 18:00 hours. Regarding the 10 km, it will start at 18:10 with big names of island athletes and some from the neighboring islands.

The Plaza de San Antonio de Padua will be the starting point and the official goal for both races and the nerve centre of this great sports and social celebration. The test, orga-nised by C.D. Espiabona Spirit with the institutional support of the City of Gra-nadilla de Abona, through the Department of Sports, also organizses, for that Saturday, June 2, the third edition of the ‘Baby Run’, a crawling race for babies between 6 and 15 months of age.