|Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Why butter on paws is NOT a good idea! 

Rubbing butter on cats’ paws is often given as advice when someone moves house and is letting their moggy outside for the first time – but this is entirely untrue, and can cause more stress for your cat. 

The theory behind this myth is that it removes the smell of the feline’s old environment, and allows the cat to take in its new home and get a bearing of its territory when licking off the butter. But, in reality, the smell will remain on the rest of the cat and it’s unlikely they’ll be taking in any new scents at all if it’s concentrating on licking off the butter. Instead, it could potentially make your cat even more stressed, as well as leaving greasy paw prints all over your new home.

A much better way of familiarising your cat with its new home, and making sure it returns, is to keep it indoors for two weeks so it knows that the new house is safe. It’s also a good idea to start letting your cat out before feeding time and going out with them – and avoiding doing this at night. Also make sure your pet is microchipped so even if it does get lost, there’s a high chance of you being reunited with it.