|Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Travelling to Tenerife for your dental implants 

Private dental clinics have managed to fill an important gap in Spain or the United Kingdom thanks to the deficiencies of their public health systems in the dental sector.

In the United Kingdom, for example, despite protests from institutions such as the British Dental Association (BDA), in April 2017 the cost for any dental treatment in the NHS increased by five increase, the same increase as in 2016.

This means that a mere revision, diagnosis and consultation or urgent treat-ment now costs 20.6 pounds in the public system. If to this is added a treatment such as a root canal or an extraction, the cost goes to 56.3 pounds; and if crowns, bridges or dentures are added to it, the price increases to 244.3 pounds.

Of course, implants are not included in the NHS unless the dentist considers it absolutely necessary and if other techniques have been tried first. In private clinics in the United Kingdom, the price of a single implant ranges between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds.

In Spain, as in the United Kingdom, oral health covers certain treatments such as trauma, extractions of da-maged parts or endodontics, but in no case dental implants. However, the price of a dental implant in Spain ranges between 700 and 1,500 euros (not pounds). Private clinics have been able to transfer this important price difference in an opportunity to promote dental tourism and offer interesting offers.

In Artedental, the clinic located in Tenerife -one of the favourite destinations of the British -, they offer, for example, a hotel night, transfers from the airport to the clinic, X-ray tests, scanner, consultation, planning and budget, all free as part of the package if a patient decides to come to Tenerife to have an implant treatment.

This clinic is specialised precisely in dental implants, and the bulk of its patients come from the United Kingdom and Germany thanks to the fact that they have a polyglot team with pre-dominantly English and Ger-man. The Arte-dental team has promoted the fact that for the same price that a patient in Britain undergoes an implant treatment, you can also enjoy a holiday in Spain. And in Tenerife, one of the destinations that requires least cost and with an average of 20 degrees even in winter.

However, the British still do not fully trust to undergo this type of treatment outside their country because of the distrust they feel for being taken care of outside their place of origin. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nowadays, the profession is over regulated in countries like Spain, and the clinics have highly qualified professionals and the best technology. In Artedental for example, its professionals have been trained in Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain, and they have a success rate in implant placement that exceeds 90 per cent.

The medical director of the clinic, Víctor Cubillo, with more than a decade of experience in implantology, is representative in Spain of important international im-plant houses such as Ziacom or iRaise. In fact, the type of implant that is placed to the patient is one of the factors that most influences the final cost of the treatment.

Having reliable and prestigious implant houses is essential to achieve the success of the treatment; as well as a quality prosthesis. In the latter case, Artedental has Fernando Cabeza Griffón as the clinic’s prosthetic director, one of the most admired teachers in Spain and Europe, the national “ambassador” of the BDT technique created by the British Lee Mullings and Lee Reddington.

However, before deciding whether to travel abroad to undergo implant treatment, it is extremely important to research the centre where the treatment is chosen. Patients Beyonds Borders, one of the most prestigious sources of trust in terms of medical tourism, offers a number of tips when planning a vacation of this type, such as seeking assessments of other patients already treated in the chosen clinic, making sure how many days are necessary to finish the treatment and verifying that the physical conditions are the best ones.