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The customer feedback, key point when choosing health insurance 

When making the decision to purchase health insurance, several factors must be studied, such as coverage, price, medical directory and customer service. In addition to the information provided by the insurance company, it is very useful to know the opinion of the customers, especially if it is the first time they purchase a health insurance.

ASSSA has the confidence and satisfaction of their policyholders, proof of such is their testimonies:

Lifetime coverage and Price

“I was very pleased when I found ASSSA. It was very important to me to have the peace of mind from the very first day, that my health insurance company would never cancel my contract regardless of the age or policy usage.

Moreover, there is no age-related premium increase, which is fair enough from my point of view”. Erk Petersen – Policy 31.273-02.

“I cannot emphasise enough how essential it is to have the annual checks which are offered by ASSSA”. Marion Poole-Policy 22.411.

Medical directory

“The medical service I received was second to none. Everything went smoothly, both in terms of appointments and medical care”. Monika Krupica – Policy 16.977.

“The hospital and staff were excellent. The operation was carried out by a first-class professional”. Geoffrey Roland Smith – Policy 34.518.

Customer service

“Customer service is exceptional. There is no language barrier and this is very helpful to me”. Kerstin Lübke – Policy 31.465.

“What makes the difference between one insurance company and another is having a professional, compassionate person who is willing to help”. Rosemarie Tobler – Policy 14.808.

“I would like to emphasise the swiftness with which ASSSA managed my treatment before and after my surgery and the importance of relying on their professional support”. Stuart J.Cohen – Policy 31.812.