|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Little Miss Daisy needs a forever home 

We all know how kittens are adorable, cuddly, playful and curious. But there’s more to kittens that you may not know.

All kittens are born with blue eyes, because the pigments that create eye colouur haven’t developed yet. It takes two to three months for cats to develop their permanent eye color. Kittens also have extremely poor eyesight until they’re about three weeks old. After that it continues to improve as they grow.

Why a “kindle” of Kittens?

Everyone’s familiar with the word “litter,” which is used to describe a group of kittens. Another less-familiar term for the same thing is a “kindle.” The difference is that a “kindle” is a term specifically for kittens, but the word “litter” can describe a group of many other types of animals.

Litter sizes

A litter or kindle of kittens generally has one to nine kittens. The number can be influenced by different factors, including the age of the mother. The largest recorded litter had 19.


Kittens begin to grow tiny and sharp teeth when they’re about three to six weeks old. These are their deciduous teeth, and by about six weeks all the deciduous teeth are present. Kittens have 26 of these teeth, while an adult cat has 30 permanent teeth. At about three months of age, a kitten’s teeth begin to fall out as the permanent teeth come in. Around six to seven months old, they usually have all of their permanent teeth in place.

Please consider adopting a kitten/cat from us. All our cats awaiting adoption can be seen on our website at www.cats-welfare-tenerife.com/ pets. Ring or Whatsapp Sharon on 6625 24006 (seven days a week 9-6pm), or Sandra (Spanish and German) after 6pm, on 6712 82773.

All cats/kittens go on a week’s trial, in your home, so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. If you adopt two kittens together, kitten injections, micro-chips and neutering is FREE for the second kitten. Adopt a black kitten, or two, and both kittens receive the above treatments, free of charge.


This adorable little cutie is still waiting to be adopted. Little Miss Daisy is seven weeks old and loves company from humans and other cats. She has a loud purr and loves to snuggle and cuddle.

At this time of the year, kittens are not too common so if you are thinking of adopting one please consider Daisy, you will not be disappointed.

All kittens are adopted with a week’s trial in your home.

Our shop

Donation items can be dropped into the shop on San Blas in Golf del Sur. It is open seven days a week 10.00 until 18.00 but on Saturdays closes at 16.00. If you don’t have transport or have large bulky items such as furniture and household effects to donate please ring Mark on 636590557 and he will arrange collection.