|Monday, July 26, 2021
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Canaries hit one million followers on Facebook 

Tourism chiefs have been hailing the success of promoting the Canary Islands via the internet

They believe they have cracked the key to success and are now able to relay the online digital message to specific groups of travellers, depending on what they are seeking, their age range and what country they come from.

In 2017, the Canary Islands was the preferred destination for 16 million tourists. Pro-motions centre around the climate, identified by holiday-makers as one of the biggest attractions, but also highlights all that the archipelago has to offer from sport to gastronomy, history to nature, the sea to astronomy.

Sara Sánchez-Romo, Head of Tourism Projects of the Canary Islands, said: “Know-ing what motivates each type of tourist gives us the oppor-tunity to adapt our messages and gain in efficiency.”

The different websites of the Canary Islands brand accumulated more than 8.5 million visits in 2017. It has a million followers on Facebook and hundreds of thousands on the rest of social networks where it has a presence, including Russia and China. In the case of videos, they exceed 100 million views.

For its part, the web holaislascanarias.com, received seven million visits in 2017, 61.29 per cent more than the previous year, when it registered 4.3 million visits.

One of the most important advances achieved in the online environment is to know the origin of the visits, where by countries the list is headed by Spain with 1,674,421, followed for the first time by Germany, with 860,461 users. The list continues with Italy, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Holland, United Sta-tes, Sweden, Belgium, Switzer-land, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia and Portugal.

As a complement to the main website, there are other specific sites aimed at differentiated segments and correspond to the specific publics of, for example, the LGTBI collective www.saca-tusvacacionesdelarmario.com; www.voydebelingo.com for the Canary Islands internal market, www.siquieroislasc-anarias.com for romantic trips and weddings, or www.train-ingnonstop.com dedicated to sports, among others.