|Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Artist takes romance to a new level in Los Gigantes 

An internationally acclaimed artist is taking romance to a new level in time for Valentine’s Day.

Peter Herr has produced a vividly painted wall mural that will surely have Cupid’s darts flying for romantics of any age.

The theme of the striking mural near The Harbour Club in Los Gigantes is an “interactive” lucky charm for lovers and their relationships.

The task is for romantic couples to find three hidden hearts in the painting, then to kiss and make a wish for eternal love.

His eye catching work has already proved a big hit with holidaymakers and locals.

Regular visitor to the resort, Mary Bradford, said: ” Peter’s work has tremendous style and vision. He brings marvellous additions to his work by using paints to stimulate his distinctive creations.”

He has started live art events at various German locations including painting an over 500m2 mural in the city of Wuerzburg (http://pitpat-wonderland.de)

And, working with two other painters, he has organised events in various locations in Germany when people can watch them painting live with a DJ providing the appropriate music to the artworks.

He said:”Since I started adding live body-painting to the party, people have been flocking to these events.

“There are plans for this summer to expand and to do it outdoors in parks with many other artists, musicians and food trucks. And, who knows, maybe in Tenerife?

“I co-founded an institute to create art in virtual environ-ments via 3D glasses. Artists can create their own brushes and paint with them in virtual reality, even create mutual artworks. (www.ifkvr.de)

“And next month, I’m planning to release a Momoshi style 3D animated music video for the incredibly talented young Tenerife-based singer Luna Keller. www.lunake-ller.com

“Later this year there are also plans for a Momoshi exhibition in the US with a surreal paintings.”

One of his great wishes is to create something similar to the Hollywood Great Walk of Fame in Los Gigantes.