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Teeth problems? Now is the time to finally act, says Artedental 

The time has come to say enough. No matter how complex your dental problem, there are clinics able to offer the best solution.

Did your dentures make their appearance in the middle of the Christmas Eve dinner? Did your crown fall off when biting hard nougat?

This Christmas may have been the straw that has filled the glass of discomfort,and finally decide to show off and enjoy a great smile. Now-adays, there are solutions for practically any oral problem, it is enough to find the right clinic.

In Artedental, for example, each expert deals with a special care of all patients, understanding that their problem is unique: from cleaning to a complete rehabilitation of the denture. But if something stands out in this clinic, it is to offer their own innovative treatments as a solution to the two most complex problems that exist today in dentistry: reha-bilitation with implants and painless sinus lift.

ArtOn 4® is a solution for people whose teeth are badly damaged and need to be replaced completely. ArtOn 4® means “Art on 4 implants” because the prosthesis is screwed on four, six or eight implants that work as a solid support. This solution has been created and patented by the Artedental team, and after exhibiting it in the United Kingdom, many experts from the continent visit the clinic to learn about and practise its use in Spain and Europe.

The prosthesis is made with the best materials, totally similar to natural teeth.

“At Artedental we have an experience of more than ten years placing implants. With ArtOn 4®, the success rate is 95 per cent, “explains Víctor Cubillo, medical director of the clinic and co-inventor of this solution.

Volker Samrei, also co-inventor of ArtOn 4® and Artedental prosthetic master, describes what makes this solution unique: ArtOn 4® adds a definitive prosthesis to his system. This means that you do not have to wait six months to screw it in since the implants are placed, as in other cases. This is a fundamental characteristic of ArtOn 4®, because with the other solutions on the market, the patient goes home with a provisional prosthesis that must be changed after six months.

“On the same day that we do the surgery to put the implants, we also place the final prosthesis, and the patient can enjoy some teeth that will keep the rest of his life as long as he follows the instructions of the specialists, which are basically the hygiene and periodic reviews”, he ex-plains.

The placement of implants for the restoration of teeth is the most biological, functional and aesthetic replacement form. However, not all patients qualify for it. If too much time has passed since the loss of a piece, it is likely that the bone mass on which the implants should be attached has decreased. This bone mass works like the earth on which a tree is held: it holds the implant giving it solidity and stability, and maintains a direct, functional and structural connection.

To resolve this bone reduction, experts have developed sinus lift. The sinus is an internal cavity located just above the maxillary bone. Currently, the method used for its elevation is a surgical process that involves the opening of a “side window” that is filled with bone graft, increasing the volume of the bone. The postoperative process is long and painful for the patient, causing infla-mmation and discomfort due to the cut in the gum and bone.

Until just a few months ago, this was the only way to practice sinus lift in the Islands. In May, Dr. Cubillo had the privilege of receiving the exclusive training in the Canary Islands of a revolutionary technique for sinus lift, iRaise, originated in Israel. It involves making the bone graft in the same procedure of implant placement. All thanks to a unique design: an internal passage through the implant allows graft to be inserted to the maxilla, considerably increasing bone volume and avoiding previous surgeries. Although the distribution of iRaise is starting in Spain, it is already practised in several European countries such as France, Italy, Belgium or Germany.

Artedental has been the first centre in the Canary Islands to practice this painless solution, and it is the only centre in the islands that offers training to dentists to use this technique.

For more information, visit https://www.artedent-alclinic.com/en/