|Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Shock as wife stabbed to death 

Tenerife has been shocked by the first case of fatal domestic violence this year following the death of a 46-year-old woman in Los Realejos.

Police found her lifeless body in her home after neighbours reported hearing a commotion. She had been stabbed.The prime suspect is her estranged husband, 22 years older than her, who reportedly fled the scene. There eight-year-old grand-daughter used to live with them.

The pair were said to be in the middle of divorce pro-ceedings and a custody battle over the child whose mother lives in Marbella.

The 68-year-old suspect was arrested by police after crashing his car in Santa Ursula. He was seriously injured but is out of danger.

There are reports that the victim, who came originally from Venezuela, had only recently complained to the police about mistreatment at the hands of her husband. She was given protective advice but the complaint was filed as she was considered of “low risk”, according to the Spanish press.

The Mayor of Los Realejos, Manuel Domínguez said he was very shocked as he had known them both and awareness and knowledge of domestic violence had to be raised once again. The municipality declared two days of mourning and held an official silence in her memory.