|Monday, July 26, 2021
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San Isidro to get new nursing home 

San Isidro is to get a nursing home with capacity for ten places of daytime stay and a day centre for 15 people.

The project, which is currently being drafted by the municipal technical office, aims to start running in 2018 in the largest population centre of the municipality, and thus provide Granadilla de Abona with a “necessary” and “very important” resource that responds to the real needs of the population. This service will complement the Day Centre ‘Virgen del Pino’ of Charco del Pino that currently serves a total of 15 users.

The municipality currently has a functional home with ten seats, dependent on the Cabildo de Tenerife, located in the centre of Chimiche, but it has a series of deficiencies and needs some “urgent improvements” in general conditioning. Therefore, the local council says it is expected that the ten people served in this centre at this time are moved to other areas, also dependent on the island corporation, “to ensure their safety and the best service,” says social services councillor Gaspar González, because during the improvement works this service can not be in operation. It is also hoped to provide a home for the elderly, with land having been approved in June, with the purpose of building this “so demanded resource”, which will have a capacity of 100 places, 75 of them residential.