|Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Flies are “a blight on tourism” 

Plagues of flies are causing puzzlement and concerns in Los Gigantes.

The flies normally pervade the area for a short period in early Autumn and are linked to fertilisation of banana plantations at su-rrounding fincas.

But when the issue was raised by Tenerife News on social media, posts under-pinned the flies were still a nuisance in the prelude to the festive .

Said one long term local: “Despite the weather getting cooler the flies are still here.

“Flies were awful in the village Square although the weather is now cooler. Had rain last weekend, and cooler since then.

“Fact is, with the Council´s fantastic cleaning regime of bins every day, it is a mystery where these flies breed?

“However, the square is dirty, which attracts them, but the smell of food can attract them more.

“This is a blight on local tourism. We need to en-courage the locals to find/spill the beans on the cause and location of the breeding ground.

“We need to cure this problem now at source,” he added.

Other posts hinted that unsuitable manure may have increased the number of flies but, as a counterpoint, one reasoned flies would stay in the vicinity of the manure and mot venture into Los Gigantes.

One exasperated lady resident said: “I’ve lived here 27 years and this summer we have had one calima after another.

“Normally with the calimas we get strange things like praying mantis , locusts and loads of flies… Could it be this?”

Others point to the mess left by dogs on pavements and local alleyways.

But whatever the reason, the flies have certainly caused a stink …