|Thursday, October 21, 2021
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“Don’t let the noise moaners spoil the atmosphere of Los Gigantes!” 

Residents and visitors have sprung to the defence of Los Gigantes after it was criticised for being too noisy.

Police recently moved in on clubs, bars and eateries and ordered them to damp down the sound of their nighttime entertaining.

In one case, police are believed to have told an artist to cut his performance in the middle of a show after recei-ving complaints about noise levels.

Now, after my story appeared in the last edition of Tenerife News, public-spirited locals and visitors have taken to social media to air the issues.

One wrote: “Los Gigantes is too quiet now… I used to love walking our dogs of an evening and listening to the acts. “

“But it does seem those who complained have been out-numbered by the people supporting the bars and their acts.”

And the post added: “If the music is too loud — move.”

Another music supporter declared: “For goodness sake, don’t spoil this lovely village by all the arguing. “

“I have been coming here for several years, the ‘noise’ has never been an issue. It all seems about the right level to me.”

The post asks: “What about when the Carnival is on? What do the ‘moaners’ do then? The Carnival IS loud and goes on till the early hours of the morning.”

“Please appreciate what you have got, because you will regret it if you lose the lovely atmosphere Los Gigantes is known for.”

Another resident who lives on the outskirts of the village observed: “You’ll be amazed how loud the music is — but I’m not complaining. It’s great to see the beautiful village buzzing.”

An apartment owner who bought into the area 16 years after visiting for more than 30 years, said: “Think yourselves lucky. Enjoy, don’t be such a misery … we are so so lucky to spend time here: a lovely, vibrant, beautiful place … embrace it all, it’s not perfect but pretty much!”

A former UK licensing officer enforcing noise law said he’d witnessed varying efforts by the bars to keep everyone happy.

“Having worked as a licensing officer it always came down to one or two who failed to grasp the fact that to survive bars have to provide what the customer wants.”

“Los Gigantes was a lovely vibrant place that was far from ever being like Playa Las Americas but back in October it was a ghost of its usual self after complaints from apartments.”

“Sound funnelled down to part of the town. I can understand them getting fed up of this every week just like we do at various times of the year when they have all night local festivals on and the sound is really loud

“But as many have said it is a holiday place, not a quiet village elsewhere and you really can’t complain if you buy a place with full knowledge of the surroun-ding issues.

“Please don’t allow the few NIMBY’s to kill the place.”

Another post warned: “There is a danger this could get blown out of proportion. A simple solution would be for all outside venues to play until 11pm and venues who are inside be allowed to run to 12pm. “

“Volume control is difficult as one singer is easier than two or three. Spanish functions run late and loud times several times a year and do not get stopped — but hey, this is Spain not England.”

And several regular visitors stressed Los Gigantes should not be compared with Las Americas.

“Los Gigantes was created to serve the tourist industry. it is a family friendly, all round good entertainment and it should be encouraged. Instead the minority seem to be causing bad feelings, ” said one.

And finally, one post added: “Entertainment could be structured to prevent clashes and still give tourists a choice, which is essential to the upkeep of the area.

“The Council and a set of rules that meets the require-ments of the area. I’m pretty certain they won’t spend €6.5 million on the area if there aren’t any tourists. Come on Council, put your collective heads together and come up with a solution.”