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Dental implants with immediate loading, possible even in the most complex cases 

Nowadays, surgical techniques in dentistry have advanced in such a way that they can solve complex cases for which just a few years ago there was no solution.

However, today there are still professionals who reject the treatment of some patients because of their difficulty. In these situations, the experience and skill of the team behind the chair is essential.

The Artedental clinic, one of the most experienced centres in Tenerife in implantology, has succes-sfully resolved extremely complex cases thanks to its constant effort to train and practise the latest techni-ques and solutions.

The innovation in implants, the evolution of the regeneration materials and the surgical and prosthetic techniques have been fundamentals in this centre. In fact, Artedental has managed to create a prosthetic system on its own implants, patented in Europe and which is now practised in countries such as Germany or England.

 One of the techniques that has evolved the most during the 21st century and whose support continues to rise in the dental sector is immediate loading. It is a solution that shortens the waiting process of patients and provides an aesthetic and functional solution, even in more complicated cases.

The immediate loading consists of the placement of the prosthesis “immedia-tely” after the placement of the implants, that is, during the hours after the operation of the implants.

The immediate load is currently a predictable procedure, its success in the lower jaw is between 90 and 100 per cent. In the upper jaw, it is smaller, varying between 66 and 95.5 per cent. On implants, the success rate varies between 82.4 and 97.2 per cent. We also see how, in cases where its application is correct, its success rate reaches 90 per cent. Hence the importance that the dentist knows how to assess if this is the treatment indicated for a given patient.

Víctor Cubillo, medical director and surgeon of Artedental, with more than a decade of experience in this technique, tells us about the complicated case of a 66-year-old patient who, before undergoing an immediate loading treatment, not only suffered from a condition periodontal very advanced, but had recently experienced chemotherapy treatment because of breast cancer.

Periodontal disease con-sists of the infection of the gums and their inflammation to the point that the tissues retract exposing the roots of the teeth, causing in the worst case loss. This was the situation of the patient who was also suffering depres-sion because of her appearance.

If we add to this the complication of being under chronic medication due to newly applied chemotherapy, the case becomes exponen-tially complicated.

After an exhaustive assessment, Dr. Cubillo deci-ded to apply an immediate load treatment to verify that the patient had the ideal characteristics to improve their aesthetic status in a short or medium term.

“First, we proceeded to the extraction of the upper teeth, and after a wait of three months for a proper healing of the tissues, without regeneration, the implants were placed for immediate loading. It is in this inter-vention where it regenerates in abundance, increasing the volume of the bone mass,” he explained.

If one had waited for a subsequent regeneration in a third intervention, the patient would have had to wait between six and nine months to place the fixed prosthesis, which would have length-ened her depressive state and, therefore, aggravated her health. The experience in the practice and the correct handling of the surgical techniques, regeneration materials and especially the design of the bite and its masticatory function were fundamental for the immediate loading to be executed successfully.

“In this clinical case,” Dr. Cubillo explains, “we have started from a situation, in principle, that is not favourable to carry out an immediate load treatment, but thanks to the experience and determination on the part of the patient, were were able to accomplish it successfully. “

There is another funda-mental value at the time of executing a treatment like that of the immediate load, and it is that of the commi-tment or collaboration of the patient, “which in most cases increases the success of the treatment”.

After several months since her treatment, the patient has not only improved her aesthetic appearance and therefore her psychological state, but has obtained a correct functionality of the mouth.

“All this corroborates us constantly that the effort and the techniques that we apply in the clinic are directing us by the suitable way,” concludes the medical director of Artedental.