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Changes in ITV procedure for 2018 

From 2018 the ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos) will adapt to European law. The Spanish government approved the changes in October which will help to enhance safety on the roads and reduce fraudulent activity, it will also help look after the environment and adapt to the technological advances in cars.

Amongst the changes are, that the testing station will need to be able to code read the vehicle via an OBD connector. This will allow better control over emissions and electronic safety measures. The idea is to stop the annulments of certain elements of the vehicles safety such as airbag lights, abs lights, etc. There are unscrupulous people, including sadly some garages, who instead of fixing an airbag fault teach the car (via the brain/ECU) to ignore the fault and not turn the light on, but the fault still exists. The change in legislation will help stop this. This will also allow the ITV station to check electronic handbrakes which up until now hasn’t been possible. A step forward.

The ITV station will also now be able to check a diesel car is correctly empting its DPF (Diesel Particle filter) and whether or not the EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recycle) is working or if again as above, has been annulled. This is important as both contribute to the vehicles emissions and annulling them leads to high pollution. The government is also hoping to introduce a limit for NOx but this has yet to be publicised.

Another change which will come into force next year is a step in the right direction as if the car fails the ITV, it will no longer have to be retested in the same station. Up until now it was obligatory to return it to the same station for the retest. This was sometimes not convenient.

Changes will also effect the dates on an ITV. Up until now if a car was taken early the remaining time was forfeited, but from 2018 this will change. If a car is taken for an ITV up to one month early it will be able to keep its existing expiry date (not year obviously) so that the remaining time will not be lost, any early than a month and the expiry date will be modified.

The changes will not only effect the testing procedure they will also effect the staff themselves. The inspectors will now have to have at least one high certificate/qualification in mechanics. This change will comply with EU rulings and also allow the ITV certificate to be used in other European countries, which up until now was not permitted as they did not meet EU standards.

The number of ITV stations in the Canary Islands has doubled over the last four years, it’s gone from 15 to 30 which has allowed more choice and shorter waiting times.