|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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CCTV may be installed in Veronica’s and bollards installed in Los Cristianos 

Arona is continuing to look at the security of the municipality and is considering the installation of video surveillance cameras in the area of Verónica’s.

The proposal is not yet guaranteed as the council says some people might feel as though their freedom is being compromised.

The suggestion therefore needs to come from the police in the interests of keeping people safe and a report is to be drawn up to this effect for official submission.

The Local Safety Board is also looking at the installation of mobile bollards in pe-destrian zones and the pro-vision of more troops of the bodies and forces of the State for the region.

The meeting was chaired by the Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena with four main points on the agenda.

One of the central proposals was the suggestion of Arona council for the installation of video survei-llance systems in Veronica’s, given the type of activity and the volume of daily influx of people.

“However, this proposal requires the participation of the Local Police and the National Police when it comes to justifying the need to place security cameras on public roads, because we must prioritise the reconci-liation with the right to privacy and the image of the citizenship,” said the Mayor.

He explained that the municipality will have to initiate a procedure that emanates from the report of the local police head-quarters recommending their installation.

“This environment recei-ves hundreds of people every day and has always been a place of special attention in terms of security manage-ment, so we under-stand that it is desirable to opt for a measure that has proven effective in other locations with similar en-vironment,” he explained. “Guaranteeing the safety of people who reside or visit the city of Arona is one of our priority government actions, so we will continue to make progress in this area. “

Sr. Mena appreciated the good reception of the initiative in the meeting, where both the sub-delegate of the Government and the Commissioner of the National Police, which is the competent security body in the area, expressed support for this measure proposed by the Town hall.

Detailed information will be presented to the Video Sur-veillance Commission as the next step.

In addition, the situation and the measures imple-mented in the municipality were addressed in connec-tion with Level 4 reinforced anti-terrorist alert, both permanent and adapted to events. At the meeting, it was announced that a project to install mobile bollards for the pedestrian areas of the municipality with access to private parking lots or to ensure greater effectiveness of municipal services and safety and emergencies is being developed.

In this sense, the council will contemplate, as pilot experience, the placement of automatic mechanisms and through a system of identi-fication of registration complemented with security cameras. The planned zone is the beginning of Los Playeros de Los Cristianos, next to the church square.

The last item on the agenda consisted of the request of the municipality to expand the strength of the bodies and security forces of the State in the southern region.