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Artedental leads the way in amazing precision work 

” The challenge of dental implants and prosthetics to achieve the most natural result is now a reality”

When one or several teeth have been lost due to a traumatic process, poor hygiene or due to certain physical factors, the patient, who experiences a sensitive state in terms of aesthetics and health, seeks to “not notice at all” the replacement of these pieces.

This may be the most urgent goal for a patient, but they soon discover that there are others that are fundamental such as functionality, comfort or even the security of knowing that your teeth are not going to fall out in the middle of a meal between friends .

 Dental implants are gradually liquidating the use of removable dentures (still necessary in certain cases) because of their incomparable advantages. The implant, similar in shape and appearance to a screw, is made of titanium and is anchored to the bone. This metal, in addition to not being rejected by our organism, has the ability to be osseointegrated, that is, to make the bone manufacture new bone material that adheres to the implant. This sustains in a solid and sure way the prosthesis that will make the functions of our lost tooth or teeth.

 But not only that, the prosthesis, crowns or bridges that the implant supports, that is to say, the artificial teeth or dentures, can become of a naturalness that the expert might not even notice, although it is not easy to achieve this result and not any technician has the ability to achieve it.

Some prosthetists have developed a management of the art of making sets at the same level as the best sculptor.

While it is true that these prostheses can be worked with computerised milling systems, there are clinics that still prefer the combination of machine precision and human sens-itivity, the latter capable of translating the demands of a patient with unique needs in a denture made to measure.

Such is the case of Arte-dental clinic, in Puerto de la Cruz, whose laboratory has possibly two of the best prosthetic teachers in Spain: Volker Samrei and Fernando Cabeza Griffón. The first is co-inventor, together with the medical director of the clinic, Dr. Víctor Cubillo, of the Arton4® prosthetic solution, which shortens the patient’s wait in having the definitive prosthesis from six months to a single day; and maestro Griffón as he is known and admired nationally and internationally for the extreme realism and naturalness he achieves in his prostheses. Both are invited to national and European congresses and fairs to talk about their work and even collaborate as reference professionals of international brands.

 Just look at one of the pieces created in Artedental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz shows you the grooves that are generated naturally and almost imperceptibly in our teeth, as well as mimicking the colour of a gum or its ” orography”. If you look closely at one of these pieces, you will notice the amazing precision work involved.

 The constant evolution experienced by implants and prostheses in terms of materials, stability, strength or durability means that they continue to position themselves at the top of dental solutions, although it is also true that their success depends on the physical conditions of the patients and the correct choice of the centre and the professional who carries out the treatment.

“It is essential that pro-fessionals in the sector are informed and investigate the latest materials and solutions in the market to realise the amount of possibilities they offer,” explains Dr. Víctor Cubillo. For the medical director of Artedental, the evolution of the sector added to the skill of certain professionals have proved that “the challenge of dental implants and aesthetic and functional prostheses is already a reality. There is no solution in the market for the loss of dental pieces that today exceeds the advantages of the combination between im-plants and prostheses “.

 ”One of the most common problems is the time that elapses between the fall of a patient’s tooth and the decision made by the patient to fix that fault,” Dr. Víctor Cubillo tells us. The loss of a piece causes all others to move and the bone to give way with the consequent fall of other pieces suddenly.

 If you are missing a tooth, do not wait any longer and go to a specialised clinic that combines a good surgeon and a quality dental technician. These operations are very expensive if you do not go to the right place. The history in Spain is long on cases that end in failure if you get into the hands of clinics with inexperienced dentists or dental chains that promise amazing results for little money.