|Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Tools 2.0 of the digital age in dental clinics 

On October 19th, 200 doctors from around the world remained for almost two hours in front of their computer watching and listening to a live broadcast from Puerto de la Cruz.

You couldn’t see faces, they could only hear a voice and saw the presentation that Dr. Víctor Cubillo, dentist at the Artedental clinic, had prepared for them.

We have the feeling that it was centuries ago when we were amazed with the science fiction technology of “Super Agent 86”, where these practices could be possible.

These online master classes are called _webinaries_. A _webinario_ is a neologism that unites the terms “web” and “seminar”.

First universities, then entrepreneurs and now professionals use them to share knowledge and strategies.

Víctor Cubillo, surgeon and medical director of the Artedental clinic, specialising in implants, offers this kind of lectures about his practice to a audience that covers from Brazil to the United Kingdom in real time. The information and communication tech-nologies of today’s society.

They can bring you the technique and knowledge of a doctor in Tenerife, get to know each other around the world, generating followers and helping other doctors to improve their practice.

What was previously achieved with a logistics and structure organised on a large scale, today only requires a good Internet connection and its access is possible for a much larger audience.

In particular, the last _webinario_ offered by Dr. Cubillo and attended by several hundred professionals, was about immediate loading, that is, the technique to place a prosthesis immediately after the operation of the implants.

Víctor Cubillo and Volker Samrei (Artedental prosthetist) are co-inventors of a solution that germinates precisely here, in Tenerife; and whose practise extends today to a large part of Europe.

ArtOn4®, as this solution is called, consists of the placement of several implants that hold a definitive prosthesis manufactured on same day that the implant operation takes place, unlike common practise, which requires the use of a temporary prosthesis for about six months before placing the definitive one.

“The majority of our patients are foreign, ” says Amaya Sáez, director and manager of Artedental. “Mainly, there are of British origin and German. They come attracted by our immediate loading system and take the opportunity to spend a few days in the sun and on the beach.”

Without good coverage aimed at an audience anywhere in the world, this patented solution in Spain and in Europe would not have had the current scope.

Artedental is not only an example of modernity and technology within its clinic, because it has the most modern equipment, but investigates in treatments and new formulas and teaches and shares them with other guild professionals through the internet and in real time.

Nothing to rival the future that science fiction movies offered us of science fiction just 30 years ago.