|Monday, July 6, 2020
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La Palma rock gravings get top priority 

The environment of the rock engravings of El Verde in El Paso is being improved by La Palma Cabildo.

In collaboration with the local council, the heritage department is clearing the shrubs and grass growing in the area.

In addition, the explanatory panels and fencing have been removed due to their degree of deterioration. These were put in place in 2003 but have deteriorated due to lack of maintenance. A new panel was put in place last year.

“The vegetation that spontaneously grows each winter and practically covers the area where the petroglyphs are located has been removed and the steps of the path descending by the left bank of the Tenisca ravine have been conditioned until reaching the area,” a Cabildo spokesman explained.

According heritage councillor, Primitivo Jerónimo, this action is part of the project of his department to improve the archaeological zones of the island.

“It is about protecting and putting into use the different archaeological sites of the island so that they can be visited through viable access through the adaptation of their environment and the offer of information on the interest and importance of them,” he explained.