|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Clash of views over music levels in Los Gigantes 

A war of words has broken out over the sound of music in Los Gigantes.

Some residents living in the heart of Los Gigantes have complained music in nighteries, restaurants, clubs and bars is too loud.

They argue the sound of music from different venues creates a confusing clash of sound affecting the village’s gentle relaxed atmosphere.

Local police are believed to have visited a wide-ranging establishments in the community reminding them of bylaws surrounding playing music and high decibel counts.

And they have warned businesses sound levels have to be reduced in the late evening.

But in an angry backlash, local social media has been thronged with posts in defence of the music.

And one popular band, who did not want to be named, have threatened to pull the plug in playing at the resort all together.

Their spokesman said: “We take monitors to all the venues where we perform as we have to hear the backing tracks. “

“This gives us a better distribution of sound. Without them we would also be straining our voices,” he explained.

“People who come to see acts come to watch a show. If people just want to have background music they should go somewhere else.

“Holidaymakers want to be entertained which is why the bars with live music are the ones which are busy.”

And another local showbiz personality asked: “Why do people buy or rent an apartment right by places that have live entertainment —then moan about the noise?

“My understanding is you can have music on till midnight at a reasonable level. Then it either goes off or the venue close their doors which I believe is what happens in Los Gigantes.

“But the past few weeks have been ridiculous. Venues are constantly looking out for police in case they get a visit.

“These businesses are trying to make a living and so are the people who perform and work in them.”

He said he believed the complainants did not live in the village all year round but spend three or six months of the year there.

“There are a lot of folks on holiday who want to have a good time and the whingers and moaners are killing the atmosphere for holiday makers who spend a lot of money in these bars which help keep the area alive,” he claimed.

“Without these venues do these moaners really think this village would be what it is?”

Another long-time local declared: “I cannot understand anyone who purchases a property in a holiday village and expects peace and quiet 24 hours a day.

“Los Gigantes is a sedate peaceful village… there must be a way to cater for all or the place will simply die,” he warned. Meantime, there is a move among business owners, backed by locals, to consider sending a deputation to see the council to air their views.