|Friday, February 26, 2021
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Puerto honours its local police and pledges further improvements 

Puerto de la Cruz has honoured the “self-lessness and sacrifice” of the local police force and pledged further improvements in the service to residents and tourists.

The Mayor, Lope Afonso used the occasion of celebrations for their patron saint to honour their work and to present medals and plaques of merit.

As every year, a mass was celebrated to begin the proceedings, with the ceremony attended by members of the Municipal Corporation, as well as numerous representatives of the State Security Corps and Forces, the National Police Corps and the Civil Guard.

The Mayor then presided over the medal presentations in recognition of outstanding merit and effort.

The silver medal for police merit fell to the Chief of the Canary Islands Command, Lieutenant General Pedro A. Galán García. The plaque for police merit was given to the businessman and medic, Pedro Luis Cobiella Suárez. The medals for police merit with a white badge were awarded to Francisco José Cruz Casañas, Inspector of the Local Police Corps, and Manuel Ángel Martín Santos, Deputy Inspector of the National Police.

The same honour was given to the officers of the Local Police Corps, Miguel Andrés Molina González, Josué García Gutiérrez, Heriberto Gorrín Pérez and Francisco A. Ortiz Castilla; as well as to the Local Police, Domingo Fernando Rodríguez Afonso, Manuel Pelegrino Cabrera Garcia, Maria Eusebia Molina González, Bernardo Afonso Acosta and Luis Alberto Pacheco Delgado; to the National Police, José Martín López Herrera; and the Civil Guard, José Luis Acuña Cabrera.

Sr. Afonso took the opportunity to announce future plans, including gradually providing the local police with more equipment and the inau-guration within a short time of the new Office of Foreign Service (SATE) as a result of the alliance between the National and Local Police Corps.

He also said that there will be “the progressive transfer of dependencies of the Local Police to the offices of the current Department of Tourism,” which will restore the conditions to be able to provide the “dignified service that our people deserve.”

Police chief Francisco Gomez thanked the families of the decorated members for their support and stressed in all those public servants the “eagerness to serve”.

At the end of his speech, Sr. Gómez also had words of remembrance for all the comrades who “are no longer among us and who have contributed their selflessness and sacrifice”.