|Monday, July 26, 2021
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La Gomera booms but nature, not mass tourism, is still the key 

La Gomera is enjoying boom times but Cabildo leaders have no intention of spoiling the beauty of the island.

This was stressed loud and clear by its president, Casimiro Curbelo on the occasion of World Tourism Day.

He revealed that during this summer, La Gomera had registered an average occupancy of 85 per cent and expressed his delight over this achievement.

But he stressed that the aim wasn’t to encourage mass tourism but to provide visitors with a unique place to visit where they could enjoy something different and a wonderful, natural environment.

Added to this was the island’s gastronomy, culture and natural heritage.

Sr. Curbelo described the 85 per cent occupancy as “very positive” and translated into increased spending and therefore an excelent economic spin-off for the island.

“The figures show the good health of the sector in La Gomera and the positive impact it has on the economic fabric of the island,” he said, describing the island as “a corner full of natural wealth.”

He emphasised the conservation of the natural values of La Gomera and referred to the new Law of the Green Islands as a way of allowing tourism development in harmony with sustainability.

“This year we celebrated World Tourism Day dedicated to sustainability,” he said. “We must review the work we have been doing in La Gomera, where we move away from a model of expansion to opt for tourism respectful of our environment.”

He stressed that La Gomera is a worldwide reference for tourists who opt for a destination respectful of nature.

“”Now we open the offer to active tourism but since the 80s our visitors have been looking at the island to practise hiking over more than 650 kilometre that make up the network,” said Sr. Curbelo. “We must continue along this path and continue betting on a different model to the rest of the destinations.”