|Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Icon Mustang’s a real eye-catcher 

FORD’S Mustang is a car that will never fail to disappoint as I found out in a drive earlier this month.

This was the third time I had sat behind the wheel of a right-hand drive model – and it was just as exhilarating as my first taste of the car.

I sampled it a year ago but it was just a brief drive in the V8 GT convertible.

And back in the News in June I reviewed the lower powered 2.3-litre 314ps coupe.

This was a super value sports car with its on-the-road price of £33,645.

The steed for my most recent drive was the powerful 5-litre beast with a soft top.

Unlike in my last time with a convertible, I managed to enjoy some open-top driving.

This motoring icon is a real head-turner – with the roof up or down.

Students at my local college were open-jawed as I drove past them to the adjacent nursery to collect my grandson Cooper.

That was with the roof up but with the sun coming out we quickly lowered the top.

It was Cooper’s first taste of open-top motoring and as you can imagine was a huge thrill for the three-year-old.

I was loving it as well and had the 5-litre 416ps engine roaring loudly – again drawing the full attention of those same students.

With its muscular, wide body styling, this lightning-blue coloured Mustang looks awesome from any angle.

I had previously sampled the six-speed auto version with the V8 but this model came with the six-speed manual transmission.

This provided super slick gear changes and will probably be the choice for sports car enthusiasts.

Racing out of the blocks in just 4.8 seconds and with a top speed of 155mph, there was always stacks of power under the bonnet.

I enjoyed some top-speed driving – without my grandson I should add – as I raced along some winding, country roads.

The hardtop coupe is a little sharper in bends but this model was more than adequate for my speeds on dry and wet roads.

You do have to keep your eyes on the speedometer though as the Mustang’s power can take you belong legal limits quite rapidly.

The earlier 2.3 litre version was powerful and did produce a good engine noise.

But Mustang buyers wanting to hear the V8 roar will opt for this more expensive and less-economical choice.

It is stunning from the second you press the start button and really lets rip when you hit those high revs.

You also have the choice of four driving modes – normal, sport, snow/wet and track.

The combined fuel consumption figure for this model is 20.8mpg and I was a little surprised to achieve 17mpg with the amount of high revs I was hitting.

Up front, driver and passenger benefit from six-way adjustable seats with the two rear seats a bit too tight for adults.

Exterior and interior fea-tures Mustang GT badging and the high spec includes eight-inch colour touchscreen with nine-speaker sound system, Bluetooth, Apple carplay and rear view mirror.

Some of my friends were also impressed with the Mustang logo projection puddle lamps.

The Mustang is a legend that motorists are now enjoying in right-hand drive style with more than 30,00 sold in Europe since it went on sale in early 2015.

The test model’s on-the-road price is £41,595 and that’s top value for an outstanding sports car like this.

And Ford has just announced that a new Mustang is on its way – with a V8 5-litre engine that with reach 60mph in less than FOUR seconds.