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Is there anything more important than HEALTH? 

Society is more and more interested in looking after their health because a good well-being means a better lifestyle. We see information on a daily basis on social media, television, newspapers etc.

In order to have a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to look after yourself by having a balanced diet, exercise and rest, important steps that can make a difference in the future. Also, to prevent and cure illnesses, many people decide to take out a private health insurance because, is there anything more important than health?

A private health insurance allows the insured to have immediate access to necessary medical facilities, avoiding the long waiting lists with GP’s and specialists or for diagnostic tests and surgery. Also, adapting to the timetable of each client.

You also have the advantage to choose the medical clinic you attend and the Doctor you see, amongst the multiple options from our medical directory. Another advantage is that when hospitalised you have a private room with a bed for an accompanist.

Furthermore, there exists the possibility of a second medical opinion and preventive medicine by carrying out a yearly medical check-up.

ASSSA, aside from the above mentioned, offers a unique health insurance with a personalised and multilingual customer service, we can insure those up to 79 years old and with exclusive guarantees: no premium increase due to age and no cancellation due to age increase or illness.

Without a doubt taking out a private health insurance protects you and your family’s wellbeing.

Improve your health by taking out an ASSSA policy.

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