|Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Immigrants paid gang 5,000 euros each to be smuggled on jet skis! 

Spanish police have dismantled a network that introduced illegal immigrants to Spain on board jet skis!

They carried out the activity almost daily and in each trip, of about ten minutes, they transported two people who paid more than 5,000 euros each for crossing the Strait.

In addition, once they landed on the beaches of Cadiz and Malaga, they were transferred to an Algeciras home where they were deprived of their freedom for hours until the full collection of the debt. Five people have so far been arrested.They are charged with a crime of illegal trafficking in illegal immigration, membership of a criminal organisation and kidnapping.

“The investigation began when police became aware of the possible existence in Ceuta of a group that was dedicated to the traffic of immigrants in the Strait. Later they discovered that also they operated from Algeciras and that they made trips on jet skis to introduce immigrants into Spain in exchange for money,” the police explained. “Advanced research found that the organisation transported two immigrants on each trip and that each had to pay a debt of 5,000 euros for the ten-minute journey.

Once they arrived in Spain, the passengers were taken to an address where they were held for several hours, once all night, until their debt was repaid. With this form of transport, they put in danger the physical integrity of the immi-grants due to the risk they faced from the sea and their arrival on the beaches. In fact one of them suffered several injuries when falling on rocks.”

To successfully carry out their illegal activity and avoid being discovered by investigators, they used different people who acted as watchmen. The gang used several beaches for their landings and changed them systematically to avoid the pólice.