|Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Friends of Tenerife 

Throughout the year, we raise money to help 7 centres in the Orotava Valley who are caring for people who are less fortunate than ourselves. At times we take on something a little different.

When we handed a cheque over to the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) at the beginning of the year, we asked for some statistics about the care of the poor in Puerto. Within a couple of days we received a written reply from the manager of the Cruz Roja in Puerto, Sra Macarena Garcia Carrillo certifying the following :- At present they are giving aid to 96 families every month, handing out clothes, shoes, bedclothes, kitchen utensils and children’s necessities especially cribs and pushchairs. Each month they distribute to 52 families, food parcels, consisting mainly of non-perishable items. To balance this they also give out food vouchers worth 30 euros each month to be spent at the Hiperdino Supermarket. In addition, the Cruz Roja distributes bread and cake every morning to the homeless and other needy cases.

Last month, one of our members, who is going to spend less time in Tenerife, offered us the whole contents of her apartment. Thinking of our stall on the Anglican Church Car Boot Sale which starts again on Saturday, 7th October, we gladly accepted this generous offer. But what could we do with the larger items? We have no storeroom and the apartment had to be cleared within a matter of days.

Remembering the letter we received from the Cruz Roja, our co-ordinator, Carmen Borges, sent photos to Macarena to see if they would be interested. Macarena was most enthusiastic and, as can be seen in the photo, the Cruz Roja collected the furniture themselves. The items have already been distributed. Job done.

Future Events

Tuesday 12th September: Buffet Lunch at Hotel Masaru Members 15.50 euros.

Tuesday 17th October: Lunch at Restaurante Zebra Maria, La Paz. Members 18.00 euros.

For more information or to book places at these events please contact Maureen on 922 341 979 or Jean on 922 384 809