|Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Artedental hails major breakthrough in dental sinus lifts 


A small bone to create a dental implant? Only one clinic in Tenerife offers a painless solution to the treatment of a dental sinus lift or augmentation (surgery that adds bone to your upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars).

In dental clinics, you suffer. Cleaning hurts, extractions hurt, endodontics hurt and fillings hurt. Or do they? Only a few years ago, any patient could corroborate these statements with their experience, for example the development of odontophobia or fear of the dentist.

However, dentistry has advanced amazingly to reduce the pain of your treatments. Researchers and doctors have strived to accommodate one of the greatest demands of patients. Today, for example, it is feasible to undergo dental implant surgery and suffer no more than the discomfort of having someone working the mouth during the procedure or minor discomfort in the postoperative period.

However, a sinus lift is still the most complicated intervention in dentistry, with a painful and troublesome postoperative period. The operation is not easy. It is performed when a patient does not have enough bone mass to hold a dental implant, the foundation needed to get that artificial “screw” fixed perfectly to the jawbone. In these cases, the solution is to increase the volume of the bone, prior to the implant placement operation, in a surgical process that opens a “lateral window” to the sinus to fill it with bone graft. This opening consists of a cut in the gingiva (the mucosal tissue that lies over the mandible and maxilla inside the mouth) and the bone that, together with the manipulation of the sinus membrane, produces inflammation and discomfort during the postoperative period.

Since May of this year, Artedental, a clinic specialising in dental implantology in the north of Tenerife, is the only one on the island that practises a novel atraumatic sinus lift system which is practically painless. Without the opening of the said side window. This system, called iRaise, is revolutionising the European market and is already practised in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Italy.

With iRaise, the lift is performed in the same implant placement operation. How? Because the implant is hollow, that is, it has an internal conduit that allows, once inserted, bone grafting to be introduced through the conduit to the maxilla. What is achieved is the reduction of two operations to one, that there is no need to open the side window AND LESS HANDLING, and as a consequence,  the procedure is not traumatic or painful in its postoperative. Víctor Cubillo, medical director and surgeon at Artedental, was selected by the doctor and researcher Hadar Better, former president of the Israeli Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, to launch this new system in the Canaries.

After months of practising it, Dr. Cubillo confesses to being enthusiastic: “The fact of achieving so easily transforma-tion of one of the most complex operations in dentistry is an incalculable advance.”

“Saving the patient an intervention with the addition of eliminating postoperative pain Is a more than significant increase in the quality of life of our patients, ” he continues:” Now, after observing the results, I am sure that we have finally found a revolutionary solution to sinus lift treatments. “