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TGB, “The Good Burger”, more than a hamburger, it’s a lifestyle! 

When it comes to eating out, Tenerife is full of hidden gems and the TGB is one which won’t stay a secret for very long!

The Good Burger” has only been open in Los Cristianos for six months but already, diners of all nationalities are discovering its delights, with the 100 per cent meat burgers being the star of the show.

TGB is in the heart of the restaurant nucleus of Los Cristianos, overlooking the “harbour” beach and near lots of other fast food outlets, cafes, bistros etc.

It’s also a stone’s throw from the big names which you would normally associate with burgers and whilst manager Damiano concedes they will never be able to compete on price, quality is what they concen-trate on.

The TGB chain is a fast-growing global franchise which provides a new approach to what some might regard as the humble hamburger. But there’s nothing humble here as we discovered when we went along to the Los Cristianos restaurant to get a taste for ourselves.

Without mentioning any names, we are, of course, long-term fans of the usual providers so wondered just what TGB has to boast about and what we would find. The answer is simple: a really superb experience!

Apart from the other chains where you get what you expect each time, we have discovered that choosing a burger from a normal restaurant’s menu can be very hit and miss, especially here in Spain. The meat is often too pink for our liking and frequently disappoints.

This is what the TGB is trying to put right. Because it is a much-coveted franchise, the standards are extremely high and everything is done to a uniform system and pattern. You should be able to go to any TGB and find the food is exactly the same.

“The Good Burger is the restaurant for lovers of burgers and urban lifestyle. Our burgers are prepared at the moment to enjoy the exquisite flavour of our 100% beef,” says the company’s blog. “TGB is more than a hamburger, it is a lifestyle.”

Not knowing what to expect, we thought it would be a fast food restaurant, quick in, quick out, either to eat on the premises or to take-away. Not so.

We found a delightful restaurant decorated in urban style, with tables inside and out, overlooking the beach and promenade of Los Cristianos (this is the harbour beach we are talking about, not the bigger sweeping beach with the fountain in the ocean).

It is very accessible from all directions, about five minutes walk from the little white church, down the road with the restaurant tables and chairs in the centre and then turn right towards the Heladeria ice-cream parlour also on the seafront.

We were greeted by Pascal and then by Damiano who both speak English (Damiano is multi-lingual) which is very helpful but there is a menu in English too.

Half the fun was looking at the many choices, not just burgers but appetisers (we had the most delicious nachos), salads and hot dogs and a good variety of beers and soft drinks.

The menu gives precise details of the burgers, from the 3.50 cheeseburgers to the four euro pulled pork BBQ burger and the TGB itself. There’s also a cruncy chicken version for 4.50 euros and the delightfully named Brutal for 5.90 euros. You will see that on some of the choices you can have two burgers (ie the meat itself) for an extra euro so do ask to clarify.

One of the new innova-tions is the Slim burger for 4.90 euros which has just 290 calories. I nearly opted for this but decided I wanted to try the eco burger with 100 per cent ecological meat, all from Denmark. It was gorgeous!

The meat in all the burgers is cooked until it has no blood but is not cremated. You bite into it and taste REAL meat, nothing rubbery or grissly or lumpy. We tried several varieties and devoured them all.

Accompaniments include the very tasty sweet fries (three euros) and different sorts of chips such as wedges with accompanying dips.

We couldn’t resist the nachos to share as starters because I adore sour cream and we were not disap-pointed. If you want to be really good, opt for a salad. Hot dogs are very reasonably priced at 2.50 euros and the drinks won’t push your bill through the roof because a large beer is 2.50 euros. You can also fill up at the soft drinks station for the one price.

Though Damiano says they can’t compete with the big names on price, we beg to differ to some extent because of the size of the burgers and their quality. TGB always has offers on, especially when new dishes appear on the menu, and at the time we visited, you could get 2 x 1 on certain hamburgers on a Thursday.

What we thought would be a fleeting visit of half an hour turned into a very delightful hour and a half instead, not because you have to wait a long time for your food but because you get chatting and just enjoy the whole atmosphere. We loved watching all the tourists on the beach and the ferry coming in and out. All orders are prepared and cooked as they are ordered so freshness is guaranteed. The burgers are beautifully served up and we loved the TGB branding on the buns!

Damiano says it gives him great pleasure to change people’s burger habits and is delighted to be getting so many regulars and holiday-makers who return several times a week.

The restaurant is open 11.30am to half past midnight seven days a week, with the kitchen closing at midnight. Take away or eat in.

Find the TGB on Callejon Leandra. Remember, stand looking at the harbour beach and it is just behind you. Happy discovery!