|Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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It’s holiday time again. Have you got that Liberty feeling? 

Once again, summer is here with a vengeance. Temperatures soar and with the influx of tourists, you have to keep your wits about you at all times when driving. Holidaymakers who rent a car, may also be driving on the opposite side of the road to their home country, like the British, so you need to be extra vigilant and try to anticipate their possible mistakes.

One very common incident happens on roundabouts where drivers take the wrong lane. For example, if you want to carry straight on then it’s best to take the outside lane, and if you intend to turn left, take the inside lane. What many people do, is take the outside lane with the intention of turning left but the driver on the inside lane who is going straight on, has to be very careful to avoid a collision with the vehicle going all the way round.

Aside from the inevitable increase in traffic accidents with the huge influx of tourists from around the world, you need to make sure your car is up to scratch too.

For example, always make sure that your tyre pressures are correct by checking them at least once a month especially as road surfaces become very hot indeed and will affect the pressures. Needless to say, check the tyres too and make sure they are in good condition with enough tread. Also check the car’s radiator water level; the last thing you want is to overheat if you’re stuck in a queue and worse still have to wait for a breakdown truck. It’s also illegal to run out of screen-wash so keep this topped up. Driving with flip-flops or shoes without backs is not permitted either. Obviously seat belts must be worn all round and children need safety harnesses. And stating the obvious too, mobile phones must not be used for speaking (unless using a built-in hands-free device) and definitely no texting!

If you do have an accident, remember the following:

Stay calm and use the reflective vest.

Use your vehicle’s emergency flashers and use two warning triangles at appropriate distances from the vehicle. Stay away from oncoming traffic.

Call 112 if necessary.

Take photos of the incident when safe to do so.

Get statements and contact information from any witnesses.

Complete the accident report forms.

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Happy holidays!