|Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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How you can help Cats’ Protection this summer 

So the summer here in Tenerife is finally in full swing and it is hot hot hot!

Trying to keep yourself cool can be a bit of a struggle but most of us know that water and shade are the key thing.

If you are uncomfortable then there is a good chance that your cat is also uncomfortable when it comes to temperature. During the summer heat you can strip down to shorts and a tank top, but your cat has to wear a fur coat all year round.

Whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat there are ways you can help keep them cool this summer.

Indoor cats

Even indoor environments can get very stuffy so pay attention to those indoor temperatures. If you are going to be away all day and you know it’s going to get warm, drop a few cubes of ice into their water bowl. If you don’t have air conditioning keep a fan going to circulate the air. On hot sunny days keep blinds or curtains closed to help cool down the indoor temperature.

Outdoor cat

Cats can become stre-ssed when the tempera-tures increase to over 21, so if your cat is an outdoor roamer it it important that they have access to shade and fresh drinking water. Food should be placed in a shady area and not left out for too long to avoid being spoiled and possibly attracting ants, other insects and even unwanted furry creatures. Always make sure there is fresh drinking water, also kept in a shady spot.

Keep in mind that cats can get sunburnt as well and their ear tips are particulary vulnerable. But whatever you do, do not put any sunscreen products on your cat without first consulting your veterina-rian, as most are not safe for pets. The safest sun protection you can use is to bring your cat indoors to avoid extended exposure to the sun.

Look at your cat’s paw pads, they look and feel rough and tough but are actually extremely sensitive and just like ours can burn easily. So it might be worth checking for signs of burns from walking on hot ground.

Looking after a pet in the summer is pretty easy just think of how you keep safe in the sun and just apply the same rules to your furry friends.


The Purrrrfect Cat

Tyler really is the perfect black and white cat. He’s not only very affectionate, he loves to cuddle up, loves dogs and other cats and he doesn’t scratch the furniture, he’s just very, very laid back. He is nine years old (his birthday was 16th. July) and he wants a home where he can be appreciated and loved.

He’s a very big cat (6 kilos) with long legs and a huge heart to match. He’s also vaccinated, neutered, micro-chipped and leukaemia negative. Let’s find this gentle giant a home he deserves. Contact us via our website www.cats-welfare-tenerife.com or ring or WhatsApp Maria (English) on 646629129 7 days a week 09.00 until 18.00 or Sandra (Spanish and German) after 18.00 671282773. All cats and kittens go on trial so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision.


Something to donate? items can be dropped into the shop on San Blas in Golf del Sur (Behind Hiperdino). It is open seven days a week 10.00 until 18.00 but on Saturdays closes at 16.00. If you don’t have transport please ring Mark on 636590557 and he will arrange collection from you.