|Monday, July 26, 2021
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Deadly heroin danger in the Canaries 

Police in the Canary Islands say they have discovered a worrying new trend where people are being introduced to heroin for the first time and are smoking it rather than injecting.

They say the consumers are trying drugs for the first time in their lives and are going straight on to heroin rather than the usual path which sees users experimenting with other substances before going on to harder drugs.

The increase in heroin consumption within the Canaries has been detected by the National Poilice who say the average consumer is over 40 years old, has not been on drugs before and falls directly into heroin.

“The difference with the epidemic lived in the 80s of the last century is that now, mainly, they smoke the drug and do not inject it,” said a police spokesman.

Police are also stressing the additional danger in that in most cases, only ten per cent of the drugs being smoked at heroin. The rest is made up of other substances which can pose a real threat.