|Monday, September 28, 2020
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Capital goes green with municipal cars 

Santa Cruz council has renewed its fleet with eight hybrid vehicles that respect the environment.

Eighth deputy Mayor and treasury councillor, Juan José Martínez said: “Santa Cruz is updating its entire fleet in full with the objective that the services they provide are carried out under the best conditions and with vehicles of a hybrid nature which minimise the negative impact on the urban environment of the city. “

Sr. Martinez reported that “so far this year, we have already entered into service 17 new vehicles to meet the needs of different municipal services.”

The contract is made in the form of leasing with right to purchase and represents an investment of 4 million euros during different years.

“Thanks to the chosen modality of renting with option to purchase, Santa Cruz has operating vehicles in perfect state of use, with a reasonable renewal period, which entails the unification of miscellaneous expenses (maintenance, insurance, repairs, etc.) and guarantees the renewal of the fleet every four years, ” he said.