|Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Beach closed after unusual find of scorpions in sand 

A popular Spanish beach had to be closed for 24 hours after workers stumbled across a group of scorpions.

Officials were forced to fly the black flag which bans all access whilst the entire area of sand and rocks was thoroughly searched.

The unusual SOS was raised at the pristine Horcas II beach in Melilla on the northern shores of Morocco’s Mediterranean coast.

The scorpions were spotted by a beach-cleaning squad under rocks near the cliffs.

Health chiefs said the insects could prove a danger to children, the elderly and people with allergies.

The scorpions are believed to be the buthus occitanus variety, also known as the common or yellow scorpion.

Usually found hiding in rocks, their sting can be painful although not usually painful.

The 112 emergency service confirmed the beach was closed following the discovery but reopened after the entire area was disinfected.

The scorpions were not found and are believed to have escaped up the cliffs.

“The whole beach has been checked so there should be no problem,” said Melilla’s environment councillor, Manuel Angel Quevedo.

The local council said only a handful of scorpions had been spotted, not a “plague” as comments on the social network had suggested.

The scorpions are thought to have been seeking out water. Their presence is said to be “quite normal” in the mountain areas though they usually come out at night and have not been spotted on the beach before.