|Monday, July 26, 2021
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“Proactiva Open Arms” may get new base in the Canaries 

An organisation which tries to save and help illegal immigrants who make hazardous sea journeys in a bid to find a new life may get a base in the Canaries.

Proactiva Open Arms is a non-governmental organisation in Badalona (Barcelona) whose main mission is to rescue the refugees who arrive in Europe from war, persecution or poverty.

The Canary Government says it is doing all it can to try and create a base for the group somewhere in the archipelago, together with one of its boats.

President Fernando Clavijo and the Minister of Employment, Social Policies and Housing, Cristina Valido, recently met with the president of Proactiva Open Arms, Oscar Camps to further the idea.

“We have reached a commitment to try to ensure that in a short space of time the Canary Islands can have a seat of this NGO and that one of their ships is based in the islands, ” said Cristina Valido. “The Canaries have lived, and will continue to live, the human drama of people who cross the sea in conditions of absolute neces-sity. We believe it can be an important base for this NGO to act in our waters and those of the African continent.”

Oscar Camps said it made sense to have a base in the Canaries because of its proximity to Africa.

He believes more and more migrants will risk their lives over the sea as more borders are closed.

For this reason, Oscar Camps considers it necessary to make this situation visible.

“There are no NGOs that denounce the lack of respect for human rights at sea and believe that the Proactiva Open Arms can do this work and even propose the crea-tion of a global observatory of migratory flows by sea,” he concluded.