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Pretty as a picture: SOOK cuisine launches into summer with divine new dishes 

Gourmet “lollipops” on sticks, beautiful salads served in tuna cans, colourful food so exquisitely displayed on wooden boards that it resembles a work of art.

And to top it all, this cuisine tastes as good as it looks! All this and more can be found at the SOOK restaurant in the very heart of Santa Cruz so start planning your visit to our capital city as soon as you can!

Today’s modern chefs are very intent on presenting visual feasts that often don’t live up to what the pretty picture pre-sents.

Not true at SOOK. The chefs here aim to present dishes which appeal as much to the eyes as they do to your sense of smell and your tastebuds.

Just like its name (SOOK is an amalgamation of the words Silken and cook), the cuisine is a fusion too.

For this sizzling summer, the team has surpassed itself once again. With an offering designed for all – tourists and local people alike – fresh produce takes the star role. But it is the way the food is prepared and the incredible way it is served up which makes this restaurant so different.

The SOOK Gastrobar is part of the Hotel Silken Atlántida in Avenida Tres de Mayo, right in the centre of Santa Cruz in the heart of the shopping area. It is a stone’s throw from the bus station, sea-front promenade and the auditorium with its very distinctive curved roof.

The restaurant is on the ground-floor, stylish with modern decor and very inviting. What is most surprising, however, is it is also very affordable. You might think it is out of your price range but it’s not.

Tremendous thought goes into compiling the menu and fans will be able to recognise the same themes, whether in Bilbao or Burgos. The chefs receive regular updates and training under the expertise of award-winning Michelin star Martin Berasategui at the Silken School of Food and Beverage which he chairs.

The kitchen team of Hotel Silken Atlántida here in Santa Cruz is led by chef Domingo Álvarez, and for the hottest months of the year, the em-phasis is on freshness and lightness.

In this new offering, SOOK presents styles as fashionable as Nikkei (the latest gastro-nomic sensation to hit Europe’s culinary capitals with its combination of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine) but always with outstanding winks to the Canarian products.

Diners can enjoy, for example, a Venezuelan style empanada stuffed with black pudding, SomTam salad with green papaya and roasted prawns or a good ceviche de corvina (sea bass)elaborated in a traditional way, among many other dishes.

SOOK drawns on this menu with seasonal genres such as tropical fruits that are so good in the Canary Islands, national meats or fish from our shores.

Another section to highlight are the desserts that start with just the eyes and end up satisfying the most sweet-toothed customers with the tartar of strawberries and pistachio with “tierra de Oveo” or “Polvito Uruguayo” the Silken way.

SOOK has undoubtedly become a reference point for cuisine in Santa Cruz with wide appeal: to businesspeople, groups of work friends, couples, solo diners, fami-lies…whatever the combination.

This successful hotel chain, founded in 1995, has 34 urban hotels in different regions of the national territory and Andorra. The brand is characterised by the motto: ‘Let the customer feel better than in his own home” and passion for excellence is reflected throughout.

On your visit to SOOK, you will undoubtedly enjoy admiring the look of the food as much as tasting it, all by absolute design, of course.

The restaurant is air-conditioned and most of the staff speak English.

You can head here for breakfast, lunch or dinner and choose from the summer menu, opt for as many courses as you want or order from the a la carte.

The restaurant can also cater for large groups, business dinners or lunches, weddings etc and for those with special dietary requirements.


Avenida Tres de Mayo,

Santa Cruz

902 050 134 / 922 294 500