|Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Islands strengthen their presence on Twitter and Facebook 

The Canary Islands are the fifth tourist destination in the social networks for the British.

Only New York, Paris, France and Spain surpass the archipelago on Facebook and Twitter according to a survey by the UK tour operator First Choice.

The identity of the Canary Islands is also experiencing significant growth in this field.

The survey conducted in the United Kingdom has placed the Canary Islands as the fifth most talked about internationally on Facebook and Twitter by users in that country.

The study, conducted by the British tour operator First Choice, also highlights that four out of ten adults in the UK admit to being ‘social tourists’ who consult on social networks from an average of 14 tourist destinations each year.

Another of the highlights of the study reflects that three out of ten people say that social networks are their greatest influence when choosing their next holiday destination.

Sara Sánchez-Romo, head of social media at Promotur Turismo de Canarias, an entity under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports, said the international role of the archipelago in social networks shows, above all, “the interest they arouse in the market British, since it is the users who create and, above all, comment and share the contents.”

She said the growth of the social identity of the Islas Canarias brand had much to do with this growth.

This social identity referred to by the head of social media of Tourism of the Canary Islands is made up of 29 profiles in social networks like Facebook, Twiter or Youtube in 15 different languages that accumulate more than 800 thousand followers.

“These channels allow us to broadcast all kinds of content, from photographs to videos, to illustrations or memes, which in turn are often shared by users among their own followers,” she said.

These are managed daily and lead to a multitude of shared comments and experiences.

Proof of this is the hashtag #latitudedevida powered by @islascanariasoficial that already accumulates more than 150,000 photographs of the Canaries shared by the instagram users.