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A clinic with views, great music and design to reduce stress at the dentist 


I remember during all my childhood and adolescence visits to deafening dental clinics because of the sound of the drills, the unpleasant odour emanating from inside the cabinets and the nervousness present among those waiting for our turn, leafing without interest the pages of “Hello”.

A little later, a little older, I remember with special repulsion a clinic in which they had placed screens on the dental chairs that emitted programmes of the heart at all hours to “enter-tain” the patients while poking them in the mouth.

Something has changed since then. It seems that dental clinics have realised that decoration, design and furniture distribution influen-ce the mood of patients in the waiting rooms or already inside the surgery. As well as smells and sounds.

The Artedental Clinic, in Puerto de la Cruz, is quite clear: “Well-being and reducing the stress of our patients was decisive in choosing the appearance and atmosphere of the clinic,” says Amaya Sáez, director of this centre located in the Centro Commercial Piedra Redonda.

In fact, numerous scientific studies confirm how the environment, light, sounds or smells are able to influence our moods, something that has begun to sink in.

The World Health Organi-sation itself, in its charter, specifies that “health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not only the absence of disease or disability,” giving special emphasis to mental health .

If it’s anything which confronts a patient who goes to the dentist, it is stress. Stress, fear (the condition known as odontophobia) or nervousness are common states when stepping on a clinic.

“Why not attenuate it with external factors?” asks Victor Cubillo, medical director of Artedental.

When you enter this clinic, nothing is as it seems. Once the automatic doors open, we enter a waiting room dominated by pastel and white colours, bright floors, and a peculiar mix of design furniture and classics. This combination, added to the warm light that dominates the room, ensures that one does not feel as though they are entering a dental clinic, but the reception of a hotel or an aesthetic centre.

But the best part is absences. Absence of chemical odours and absence of annoying sounds. The aromas that we detect in Artedental are refreshing thanks to the apple scents distributed throughout the clinic, which give a touch of vivid colour to the dominant white.

Music is another fundamental element: soft or classical jazz are usually the genres chosen by the clinic staff and that further minimise stress; As well as reading. At the clinic we can find local, national and foreign press, or National Geographic magazines. It may seem petty, but if you can get the patient to switch off during the time they have to wait with interesting reading, you reduce stress and fear.

But it does not stay there. Once the patient has been treated in the dental room and needs rest, he is transferred to a recovery room that also serves as an office, where a coffee or an infusion can be served, so that he does not have to return to the waiting room with the rest of the patients or wait in the chair of the surgery. But neither would be suffering.

The Artedental dental rooms have a breathtaking view of the Orotava Valley, where the green of the banana trees and the intense blue of the sea and the sky are mixed, creating a pleasant diaphanous sensa-tion caused by the warm natural light that enters through the windows. So-metimes, the simple view of nature is the best anti stress recipe.

Nor should we forget that the professionals who attend us in a clinic are also subject to stress. Dentists, assistants and hygienists are faced with dozens of patients a day, many of them in a situation of considerable nervousness or with complications in their treatments. A clinic that reduces the stress of patients also reduces it among their professionals.

“In Artedental we do not suffer the pressure of the environment that many other professionals experience in their work centres,” says dentist Felicitas Díaz Lorenzo, who has recently joined the clinic’s oral surgery department. “This translates into better patient care, more focus and a positive attitude. “

Artedental is popular nationally and internationally for its specialty in implantology, being one of the most innovative centres in research, with a prosthesis system patented by its team; and most of its patients come from the United Kingdom and Germany, with a multi-lingual team of staff.

Its laboratory, which will shortly transfer to the same commercial centre where the clinic is located, is a fundamental piece of the organisation. This is where the prostheses are made for the patients, many times created the same day in which a patient undergoes the intervention for place-ment of the implants.

“In Artedental, prosthetics visit patients to listen to their concerns and preferences in making the denture that suits them best, and it is essential that they work in an environ-ment free of stress, because their working hours can be substantially longer,” explains Sáez. “This is why our efforts are also focused on improving their well-being.”

 With pleasant music and reading, relaxing atmosphere, somewhere to have a coffee and enjoy good views, this clinic offers more of what we could expect from a hotel than a dental centre.

“We fight against the idea that a dental clinic means suffering. In addition to our emphasis on achieving a relaxing environment, we use techniques and painless solutions to make the experience as pleasant as pos-sible, something that our patients constantly confirm and we are proud of, ” Sáez concludes.