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TACOA, the microbrewery where you can eat, drink and discover all that is best in craft beers! 

If you are looking for somewhere REALLY different to visit, eat, drink and discover, head for Tacoa in El Sauzal in the north of Tenerife.

This fascinating place is the oldest microbrewery in the Canary Islands and the second one at a national level.

Is it a brewery, you may ask. Is it a factory? Is it a tourist attraction? Is it is a shop? Is it a restaurant?

The answer to all these questions is, yes!

This amazing place which brews craft beers was founded in 2001 and has proved hugely popular with all nationalities.

Those who have already discovered Tacoa are full of praise for it.

“One of the best dining experiences we’ve had during our trip to the Canary Islands and the only micro brewery we’ve found so we’d definitely recommend a stop here,” said one reviewer on TripAd-visor.

“Deserves a visit to try the beers,” said another.

Tacoa started as a dream which then became a reality.

It all started when Teresa, a tireless, adventurous and infamous Tenerife, decided to go to Berlin to learn German.

When she arrived, she was captivated by the city, its people, its architecture, its customs … the freedom and security that existed, so much so, in fact. that she stayed 12 years.

Teresa lived the fall of the wall and reunification of both Germanys, one of the best moments of her life.

It was here that she met Jochen, a young chemical engineer specialising in water. They married and they had a daughter.

Eventually, Teresa decided to return to her native Tenerife but the couple weren’t sure what to do. And that is where fate stepped in.

Teresa decided to return to her land, Tenerife, but they did not know exactly what to do.

By coincidence, Jochen was hired by a recent graduate to create a micro brewery where he also learned how to make craft beer.

Without thinking twice, he got a masters. He discovered that making the beer was exciting and came home one day and said! “Teresa, let’s go to Tenerife to make beer”, and that’s exactly what happened.

Tacoa opened on June 15th, 2001. Their passion is represented in every corner and each dish.

Here at this traditional brewery, you can also taste typical German gastronomy. Their speciality is roasted knuckle, with mixed sausage or the much sought after German barbecue also being among the dishes on their menu. You will also find vegan cuisine, Tacoa tapas and delicious seasoned olives.

The beers manufactured are all healthy, with no preservatives, no additives and only filtered once. This is an artisan brewery that does not use additives, nor preservatives and where they still label by hand. Every beer is pampered.

At present, they manufacture ten types of beer. These are Cobre, Golden Ale, Maracuya, Trigo, Tajinaste, Bock, Porter, Ipa, Apa and Canela.

There are also surprise beers that the owner reserves for visitors on special occasions, like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and so on.

This is an award-winning brewery which has scooped many accolades and also holds a record for being the highest place to brew beer at an altitude of 2,150 metres! The terrace commands a spectacular view of the ocean below.

But Tacoa isn’t simply confined to brewing beer. It is a total experience. You can enjoy a tour, including for groups when pre-arranged (just get in touch). There are tastings and courses and a mini shop where you can buy the necessary products to be a small brewer in your own home.

It’s also a great place for a meeting, for a work meal or in fact any event.

Run by a couple in love with their work, this is a place where you can breathe passion and dedication. That’s Tacoa.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday: 13:00 – 23:00

Friday and Saturday: 13: 00-24: 00

Wednesday: closed

Website: http://tacoa.com (available in English)

Contains more details about the venue, the beers, the food etc and a map for directions.

Address: Carretera General del Norte 122

38360 El Sauzal – Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tel: 922 564 173

(including to arrange group tours, celebrations etc)