|Friday, October 30, 2020
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Santa Cruz “very unhappy” with lack of new schools in city 

Santa Cruz city council says the capital needs new schools and has offered to help finance them.

“We are aware of the lack of supply in early childhood education but the competent institution is the Government of the Canary Islands,” a spokesman has stressed.

To this end, the council says it has “extended its hand” to the Government and “reiterates its willingness to invest in the creation of new schools for children in this capital, so that we are progressively in a position to better meet the existing demand. “

“We all agree that the offer of places in children’s education in Santa Cruz is insufficient and we have manifested this from this council and unanimously from the full corporation. We have also transferred this message to the Government of the Canary Islands, with meetings with both the Minister of Education, Soledad Monzón, and more recently, in January this year, with the Minister of Social Affairs, Cristina Valido, ” said the seventh deputy mayor and councillor of social care, Oscar García.

The Santa Cruz authority says it has even made an offer of land for the creation of a children’s school in the district of Sobradillo, with 78 new places, which would add to the 140 offered by the schools of Tara and Faina.

“So far we have not had the positive response we expected and that we are still waiting,” he said.

The council points out that Santa Cruz is not included in the list of schools proposed for the municipalities of Tenerife as published in July 2016. This, it says, is because the school projects in it are definitive, not proposals.

It says it trusts that the new budget framework of the autonomous community WILL include a new project for Santa Cruz.

“Santa Cruz waits with open arms,” says the council.